Do you find yourself lying awake at night thinking


Unsure of what to do next, who to ask or where to turn.

Obsessing. Ruminating. Catastrophizing EVERYTHING.


I can help.

Is this it?

There is               after divorce.

The hours, days, months and sadly years trapped in the captivity of my emotions because of 

Psst...This isn't a              sentence.

The perceived failure, the loneliness and fear.
Fear for myself, my future, my children. Worried about even MORE abandonment because there's only so much your friends and family can listen to.
The constant voices inside my head, flitting from wondering how I'm going to share my children to getting on dating apps, left me flat out full of

my divorce.

shame and angst.

The UNCERTAINTY. There, I’ve said it.
The uncertainty paralyzes us. Not knowing if we are going to make it. 



With a strategy and a framework you can REBUILD, REINVENT & REEMERGE stronger than ever before…

I'm living proof!


A private FaceBook group, a sacred container full of real community, a true Sisterhood.

A place where we can share, be vulnerable, love on, get loved on, inspire and be inspired, unapologetically.

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Join the 150+ women from 9 countries who have rebuilt, reinvented and reclaimed their power with the 8 week online course

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Join Hilary and expert guests around topics like co-parenting, finances, dating and more!  Where you'll glean wisdom, "hot seat" Q & A and connect with like-minded women who share your journey.

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Meet Eva

"When I met Hilary my life was a tornado, a hurricane and an earthquake all going at the same time---I literally was on a sinking foundation of sand instead of the solid foundation on the rock I tried to portray. My "slip was hanging" and Hilary showed me how to emerge with grace and dignity.  She willingly jumped into my storm and pulled me out of despair.  I can't tell you how much time, money and wasted emotional energy that she's saved me. I thank God daily for her.

I've gone through program after program, mindset training, personality testing, spiritual mentoring, sales and business training and I've read every major business as well as a plethora of self-help books. No one would have convinced me that in 8 weeks my life would do a 360!

Hilary's methodology is unlike any training, coaching, etc. that I've ever experienced. I was able to retrain my brain and a lifetime of unhealthy mental self-talk and habits to self-loving, self-belief, peaceful empowering thoughts and I gained FREEDOM!
I was seriously living in despair and disorder. She challenged me to think deeper and she wasn't afraid to tell me the hard stuff that I needed to hear. 

The whole process was life changing. Hilary holds you to a higher version of yourself, draws out your greatness and believes in you in such a way that you can't believe you could be the person she sees in you. She's given me the gift of rebuilding my life and creating a positive inheritance for my children. They've watched me reemerge. I've never had someone fight for me the way Hilary did....this has significantly transformed both mine and my childrens lives.

A FEW OF YOUR sisters


who have moved from

caged to changed.

This program is not about dragging it out. 

You are in pain.

Keep in mind that this is NOT our practice life.
This is our story, our legacy.

    How we show up now will impact FUTURE GENERATIONS.

8 Weeks

So, what's really in this program?

Learn how to stop catastrophizing, obsessing/ruminating

Get rid of SHAME and GUILT

Gain clarity and emotional stability

Identify problematic and self limited patterns which cause self sabotage

Create an environment of structure and routine (how to set up an optimal ecosystem)

Learn how to diffuse highly emotive situations

Learn how to mitigate emotional triggers that cause them to go sideways

Gain in-depth knowledge of who they are at the foundational level

Learn what to avoid to mitigate the wash, rinse and repeat 

Reinvent and Architect a plan for their future

I use my Jedi-like mind hacks based in neuroscience coupled with my strategy background to help women:

Total Transformation

This is a DEEP DIVE and ONLY for those who are willing to roll up their sleeves, do the hard work and have a desire to REEMERGE strong. We're talking ULTRA COMMITTED who want RADICAL CHANGE.



8 weeks

    My own divorce was expensive                                in EVERY area: emotionally, mentally, financially and physically.

(unbelievably so)

I'm now on a MISSION to help free others so they won't waste months, years in the divorce wilderness. 

I walked thru the "valley of the shadow of death" thru my own emotionally charged and messy divorce, climbed out of the pit, ripped off the shirt of shame, activated my potential and reemerged strong and fierce bringing with me a wealth of intimate knowledge and expertise so that my clients can save literally years AND tears.   

I've got your back!


I’m Hilary Porta; The Life Architect, Chief Shame Slayer, Human Behavior Hacker & Divorce Doula. 

I'm your hand-holder, Shame Slayer and go-to-girl for architecting your life post separation/divorce.

Founder of R3 International, Inc. & Principal and CEO of H Porta et al., a bespoke leading-edge transformational boutique consultancy based out of NC with satellite offices in the UK.

She is trusted by Fortune 500 CEO’s, professional athletes, motorsports professionals (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes), celebrities, members of elite military forces, and high-performance professionals globally to shatter their deepest limits using brain-based strategies to architect their best lives and create generational impact. Hilary's frameworks have been implemented by the most prominent organizations in the world.

From sharing international stages with the likes of Dr. Deepak Chopra to hosting VIP Intensives, retreats and facilitating workshops, Hilary is also a contributing writer to 25+ publications, including Forbes, Medium, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, PsychAlive, The Conscious Magazine, Chief Information Officer and a handful of other publications. She is a Top Success Coach, Business Alchemist and Life Architect, an expert in human behavior hacking, business development & optimization and most importantly mindset.

Hey there Sister

You can stay a victim and lose valuable years or you can go from                             and turn your                              by using your divorce as an onramp.
Architect your next season and create a generational impact.

caged to charged

loss to leverage

This is your