From Overwhelm to Empowerment.


Your safe space awaits.



From Overwhelm to Empowerment.


Your safe space awaits.



Do you find yourself lying awake at night thinking

Is this it?


Unsure of what to do next, who to ask or where to turn.

Obsessing. Ruminating. Catastrophizing EVERYTHING.


I can help.


What's Inside?

Access to "The Vault"

Unlock the secrets to reclaiming your life with exclusive access to "The Vault." Dive deep into Hilary's transformative coaching calls, where you'll glean invaluable strategies, empowerment tools, and insights. Rewire your mindset and navigate the journey of overcoming a difficult time with Hilary's expertise. This treasure trove is your guide to rebuilding, reinventing, and reemerging stronger after divorce.

50% Discount to the "Freedom Tour" Life After Divorce Digital Course

Embark on the transformative journey of the Freedom Tour—an 8-week course curated by Hilary Porta to guide you from the depths of divorce to a place of strength and renewal.

This program is more than a roadmap; it's a lifeline born from Hilary's personal odyssey through divorce, cancer, and rebirth.

Join the hundreds of women from 9 countries (and counting!) who have experienced this profound shift. As a cherished gift, our LAD membership extends ongoing support, ensuring your evolution continues long after the tour concludes. Your next chapter begins now.

Exclusive Membership
(2x per month)

Unlock a supportive community with Exclusive Group Coaching Calls biweekly. Join Hilary and expert guests around topics like co-parenting, finances, dating and more! These insightful sessions are where you'll glean wisdom, ask burning questions in a "hot seat", and connect with like-minded women who share your journey. This isn't just coaching; it's a network of strength, encouragement, and shared experiences. Elevate your post-divorce path with Hilary's guidance and a circle of resilient women who understand your challenges and celebrate your victories!

Daily Affirmations 

Embark on a daily journey of empowerment with your complimentary Daily Affirmations.

Infuse positivity into each day, utilizing these affirmations for meditation and a powerful start. Crafted to uplift and inspire, this tool becomes your daily companion in cultivating a mindset of resilience and self-love. Take a step toward healing and renewal, starting each day with affirmations that resonate with your newfound strength after divorce.


Access to our Private Closed Facebook Community

Step into a sanctuary of support within our exclusive Facebook Group. This sacred space is crafted for you—a shelter of understanding, encouragement, and shared strength. Here, your journey after divorce finds companionship, understanding, and shared wisdom.

Embrace the warmth of a safe haven, where hearts connect, stories are shared, and mutual empowerment flourishes. Welcome to a community that values your growth, cherishes your resilience, and ensures you never walk alone on this transformative path.

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Hey there sister!

I’m Hilary Porta; The Life Architect, Chief Shame Slayer, Human Behavior Hacker & Divorce Doula.

I'm your hand-holder, Shame Slayer and go-to-girl for architecting your life post separation/divorce.

Founder of R3 International, Inc. & Principal and CEO of H Porta et al., a bespoke leading-edge transformational boutique consultancy based out of NC with satellite offices in the UK.

She is trusted by Fortune 500 CEO’s, professional athletes, motorsports professionals (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes), celebrities, members of elite military forces, and high-performance professionals globally to shatter their deepest limits using brain-based strategies to architect their best lives and create generational impact. Hilary's frameworks have been implemented by the most prominent organizations in the world.

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